Saturday, September 27, 2008


Last night I was given a surprise Birthday party. It was so much fun. I didn’t expect so many people I love to be there, yet most everyone was.

The day started with Eric calling and saying he wanted to take me out for my birthday. What was weird about this is he already had a sitter and she was going to watch all 4 boys at her house. Usually we only have sitters watch the youngest or the youngest two.

Later he called to ask where I wanted to go. I being a passive woman (yea right) said where ever you want honey. He replied OK. He never gives in that easily. So then I figured something was up.

Well I was surprised. I really didn’t expect a Huge party in my honor, yet I had an amazing one. I only knew something was up, I had no clue what. I was just thrown a surprise party 3 years ago by my Sisters in Law. So I wouldn’t think there would be another so soon.

It was a lot of fun. Eric bought me a Kitchen Aid stand mixer a few weeks ago. We have already used it to make breads and desserts. My whole family loves my gift and with the cost of bread on the rise we are sure getting our moneys worth out of using it. Last night I received donations to help pay for the Kitchen Aid, a stock pot, fruity body soap and lotion, chocolate, a candle, flowers and some funnels that will be great for making and pouring my own syrup that I have wanted to make for a while.

It was a Wonderful night and a lot of fun. I love my friends and family for coming to play with me. Thank You. Sorry there are no pictures.


Jen Sue Wild said...

Sounds Like you had a wonderful birthday party.. How nice to be suprised.!!
Happy birthday my beautiful sister!! I love you.. Wish I could have been in on the surprise..

Travis JaNae Jozie and Jazmon said...

Happy Late you are as young as me :)