Friday, August 29, 2008

Kiley, This is for you...

I just told the Mother of my son Christians longest friend Kiley about our family blog and her mother said Kiley would look at it soon. So I decided to add all pictures I could find of Christian over the past few months for today's blog. Kiley these pictures are for you(well and any other friends who look at my blog and want to see my handsome oldest child.)
The Animal Planet expo at Balloon Fiesta park 08/02/2008

Helping with Nathan's birthday party 08/09/2008

Receiving his first class scout badge 07/29/2008

Self Portrait don't know the date.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Help me with my blog

As you can see I am trying to update my blog background with the cutest blog on the block. Well it isn't working. It keeps the blogger template and just adds the button for their site on the top left. Please send me an email with your ideas.

Well sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. UGH...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Playing with my Blog

I am trying to update my blog background and finding one I like. In doing so my list of favorite blogs has been lost. Please send me a link to your blog if you have one. I will add it to my list. I come to my site and click on my friends links to check on their blogs and if I don't have your link then I can't check your blog. Help me please.

I had my two oldest "Daughters" (my buddy Bonnie's girls are my daughters on loan) over on Saturday and we worked very hard to make 3 of the little totes for their scriptures. It was wonderful having them here, but I am not made for that much sewing in a day. With Brantley teething it was a tiring day. I have to say the bags were cute and I need to get pictures of all 4 girls with their bags to post.

Eric and I went on a date to the dollar movie and saw the newest Adam Sandler movie. Don't Go. It is a waste of money and we should have walked out. What is sad is that we ordered a pay per view for our boys to watch at home and it was a waste of money too. They didn't like the language in it and so we deleted it as soon as we could, with their blessings. I am so proud of them.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Update on our Family

So much has happened since I last updated you. First off we had baby Brantley's blessing.

Isn’t he cute? We were given an unused white suit and he looked so big. We couldn’t even do up the neck button or put on the matching tie. I didn’t have any family here and that was very different, but I am thankful for the friends who came to support me as my family.

Last week Nathan turned 8 years old. I can’t believe how the time has flown by. He is turning into such a little man. I am so proud of the man he is becoming. So Friday was his birthday party and he invited most every kid he knows. My older boys (Christian and Andrew) worked with me to make some cakes. We had so much fun and stress working on those cakes. They were the kind with ice cream in the center. We wanted them to look like the #8 when they were put together, but that didn’t turn out as well as we had hope. I have to say they still tasted wonderful. I stole my friends kitchen aid and used it to make wonderful icing and now I need a kitchen aid of my own. That story will come in a future blog. The party was big and loud here at our house. We were going to play at the grass park nearby, but the weather didn’t let us. Still I think the children had fun.

Saturday we had his baptism. It was very nice and with so many children getting baptized it was well attended. I couldn’t help but miss the attendance of my family; however I am very grateful that Eric has his supportive family nearby. Here is a picture of Nathan and his good buddy Kalista.

Don't they look like a pic from a young prom or something?

This summer we have spent a little time at the pools and just getting to know our new addition. School starts this week for our two oldest boys and I am going to miss them and their help. Next week I will loose my last helper when Nathan starts school. It will be interesting to see how I handle being alone with baby B. Wow, it has been such a long time since I was alone with a baby; I hope I remember what to do.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


So I spent a lot of time updating my blog. I added pictures and told you all about what our little family has been up to. Only to have the computer eat it. Oh well. I am alive and kicking. I will post my update and pictures soon. Bye.