Thursday, September 4, 2008

Chicken Biscuit Bake

I miss cooking. I use to love to try new things, but for some reason I gave it up for a while. Lately I have been getting the cooking bug again (Thanks to the good examples of my wonderful friends.) I pulled out my old Taste of Home Quick Cooking magazines and found a few recipes to try. Today was this chicken bake. I found this in the May/June 2000 magazine on page 47. I doubled the recipe and made it very early so that Christian and Eric could eat it before they left for a church activity. It wasn't done in time and you can tell it was a rushed job.

This is a picture of the first pan. You can tell it is the first pan by the lack of biscuits on the top. If I wasn't in a rush I would have known that I could put 40 halves on each pan. So instead I just guessed and it looks funny.
This is the second pan with too many biscuits. I have to say it still looks better this way.
So now you are thinking how did they taste. They are good. I need my Honey to come home to give me an honest opinion. I think next time I will use a little less celery seed in the topping and a little less Worcestershire sauce too.

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kjera said...

yum yum I love making that I have a recipe like that and its sooooo yummy. i think I need to make it again.