Sunday, September 30, 2007

Happy Birthday

Here is the song I made up for myself today: (to the tune of Happy Birthday)

Happy Birthday to Me
I'm thirty three
Happy Birthday to ME
I'm Thirty Three!

I was planning on attending the BYU/UNM football game last night, but my body shut off. I had a huge head ache and sniffles and was yawning up a storm. So I cried, missed out on time with all my leading men and stayed home. It helped until 4:30 am when fire alarms started letting us know that we needed to change our batteries. Finally at 7:30 I left the security and wanted rest of my bed to chase down my personal alarm, yes all of my worn out men slept right through it. I found the two culprits and yanked out the batteries. Eric came to yank out the power plug thing. Now I am so awake I am unable to return to my rest.

I still feel better after the time out without doing anything. I am sure with the start of this pregnancy I have run myself ragged. Going to work every morning, staying up late to clean up the house or read or something. I think my body finally rebelled and shut off. I wish it would have come at a better time so I could have spent time out as a family for my birthday.

Well that is the newest in our family. Bye.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

6 Weeks

Here is Todays 6 Week Picture.

I was on my way to work and made sure I had make-up on. It was still a bad hair day.

Arrow of Light

Tonight was Andrews Arrow of Light Ceremony. It was very nice although I told my family the wrong time and they missed it. I am so sorry. The ceremony was beautiful and a lot of fun. I am so proud of both Christian and Andrew for having earned this special award.

Andrew receiving other awards

Andrew and others receiving their Arrows of Light

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Another Suprise for Me tonight!!!

About two weeks ago I went to get the mail and in mine I found a card from a dear friend and assumed it was another baby shower invitation. I am blessed to attend many of them. When I opened the card I was surprised to read that I was invited to my own Birthday party. Boy did I laugh. It was so cute and such a surprise. Now my Birthday is not until Sunday, however two of my friends had to wait over a week to celebrate their birthdays with me. Yep. It is for three amazing ladies who all have our birthdays in the second half of September...

Tonight is the night. I am getting as cute as I can after a long day at work to go party with the Fondue Club. We use to get together for fondue and a movie once a month while the kiddies were at school. Now two of us have day jobs and the fondue club is gone for now. Tonight we are getting together in the evening to party. I am so EXCITED!!!

I will add pictures when I have time.

It was Wonderful and very much needed time with some AMAZING friends!!!

Here is our great dinner:

Jewell and Kristi

Birthday Girls Blowing out our Candle

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Time Out For Women Pheonix

Shhhh. Don't tell my mom, but I went to Pheonix for TOFW. It was wonderful. I flew real cheap and stayed at my friends moms home.

Let me tell you. Friday night was amazing. We had a musical evening. Michael McLean was our host. I told him I miss him. I use to go to the Forgotten Carols every year. I am so happy it is comming out on DVD later this month. I also told him my favorite song and he played it as a request. I love him... Here we are talking and hugging.

He is such a sweetie!

We also saw Jason Deere perform a lot of the CD "Joseph a Nashville Tribute" It was amazing. I have to admit it was easier to listen to at Womens Conference. Here in Pheonix the music (Bass) was too loud.

We were blessed with wonderful weather. It wasn't too hot and the rain followed us. Here are some trees from the yard of the house I stayed in. I am so blessed.

Plam trees that are 65 feet high.

An orange tree.
I guess this is enough for now. Bye.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Monsoon Season

Where I live we get HUGE down pours during what we call "Monsoon Season" Here are some pictures of my young Loves enjoying the rain.

My two youngest and a friend. Sorry it is sideways, I will do better next time.

My two oldest and a Friend playing in the water
I have a ton more pictures, but they are all sideways.

Baby #4

I can't believe it is true, but we are now 5 weeks pregnant with baby #4. I know this is a HORRIBLE picture, but it was taken this morning as I was getting ready for work. No make up and wet hair=scary. I really wanted you all to see how HUGE I am already.
I am excited, scared and very surprised. I thought I was done having kids while I was still 25. Never thought I would start again now that I am 32 (well 33 in just over a week.)
Tomorrow I leave to Phoenix for Time Out For Women. I am so excited to have a few days off of work for spiritual renewal. I wish everyone could attend with me. It would be so much fun. It is a fast trip as we come home Sunday morning, however I am very excited that I get to stay with my friends mom and so it is sure to be a wonderful cheap trip.
I need to put my kids to bed. Bye.