Monday, October 8, 2007


I am sorry I haven't spent much time on the Internet right now. I haven't been feeling well and have been working most every day.

Albuquerque's' International Balloon Fiesta started at the elementary schools last Friday. I had to go to work and was unable to attend with my men. On my way to work I took pictures. I pulled over and took some and some I took while driving my mini van. Let me tell you how my pregnancy has taken over my mind. I can't find my camera ;-} When I do I will add pictures. My friend Princess may take pictures while she is at the Fiesta and share them with me so I can post them here for all of you to see. It really is an amazing site to behold.

I went to my friend Anna's home on Friday night. I won't go into detail, however I will tell you that it has been a while since I have embarrassed my self so well. Pregnancy side effects are fun.

Saturday I worked. My buddy Heather worked with me and it was so fun. Well as fun as working in a telephone call center prison can be. We wrote notes like we were in Jr. High and drove each other crazy. It was a very nice change. Later we went to Deseret Book (my favorite store) for Ladies night. It was fun spending my birthday money from my Father in such a much needed way. Heather won a stupid book and we left before I won anything.

Well that is about enough to keep you up to date for now. Please keep me up to date on what is going on in your life. Bye

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Jen Sue Wild said...

sorry you missed the ballon fest. Iam glad you had a fun girls night out!
Hugs and luvs