Tuesday, October 9, 2007

McCalls Pumpkin Patch

Today I called in to work and was given the OK to not go in. I was so excited I fell back in bed to sleep. Then I remembered that a large group of friends were going to the Pumpkin patch and decided we would go to. So I got my kids up and moving called the mom of my kids friends to see if they wanted to come too. I loaded up the car, got gas and went to have some fun with my little men. How I miss spending time with them. I know I am blessed to have a job and I only get sick near the end of my work shift. I just really miss my kids, especially when I hear what others have done with there families. It is OK. I spent today with my boys. I don't know how I will explain my sunburn to my boss. OOPS!

The hayride to the pumpkin patch

Christian with his Pumpkin

Andrew with his pumpkin

Nathan with his Big pumpkin
My 3 sons and 2 friends

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