Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What we are doing to achieve our goal...

To start off we are doing much fasting and prayer. This is such a trial of faith for me.

Eric is looking to sell some of his territory of Southwesterncedaroil.com. It is his all natural pest control company. Can you believe he is the only one in our area selling all natural? I love the smell. He is also attending more marketing groups to gain a better business rapport and cliental. Boy is he stressed. He is also looking into business grants to help him out.

I am searching for any housing helps and calling other lenders to see what they have for the self employed. I am so glad I know as much as I do about mortgages and loans. I really appreciate the education my job has given me. We don’t qualify for the FHA MFA as Love is self employed and this is the most frustrating thing ever.

Now on to other news:

I may have busted up a bone in my foot, but I don’t have insurance right now (the state and I are working on this) to find out for sure. It starting hurting in the middle of the night and I honestly don’t remember what I could have done to hurt it so bad. Walking is a pain. Oh and I missed my torture work out session. I really was looking forward to it. I am getting a light bruise; mostly it just hurts to apply any pressure on it. Eric thinks I was so exhausted I didn’t think about it when I hurt myself. I was very tired. I have a little cold and felt like I was fighting the flu over the weekend. I can’t take any cold medicine since I feed Brantley. So now is the waiting game to see how my foot heals.

I forgot to tell you about Christian’s concert last Thursday, it was wonderful. He is so talented. He plays the sax and does such a good job at it. The conductor mentioned that his band was mostly 9th graders with only a few really talented 8th graders. The music was amazing. I love to attend concerts.

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Jen Sue Wild said...

Hey I am praying for you!! The Lord know best I always reminde my self of this..