Wednesday, October 1, 2008

No Pain. No Gain..

For months and months my family and friends have said “Elizabeth you have to come work out with us.” & “Join us at the stake center, you will love it.”

Yesterday being my birthday, realizing I am not getting any younger I went. Let me tell you our instructor is a wonderful drill sergeant. I attempted to keep up. With most of it I did fairly well. The walking lunges killed me adding in knee rises and/or kicks and I was feeling the burn. Ouch. I hurt so much. I couldn’t even coordinate myself to do too many of the lunges. So I was afraid that I wouldn't feel the effects of my hour long work out. Boy, I worried for nothing. I am in so much pain. Coming down the stairs is the worst. No maybe sitting is the worst. My whole body aches.

The sad thing is there is not another workout until next Tuesday. So I am sure my body will turn to mush before it receives its next shock treatment.

Speaking of yesterday it was wonderful. Before my boys left for school they all came to tell me happy birthday. Even if I was asleep they let me know they loved me. My Father called. We don’t speak too often, but when we have a nice conversation like yesterday morning I love it. I wish we were closer. My Mother called later in the day and my Brother JR too. I love hearing from my family. I miss them all so much. None of them have met baby B yet and that makes me sad.

Eric and I had to run an errand in the evening and I came home to fresh blueberry muffins made by C. I didn’t feel like having one last night, but it was a wonderful breakfast this morning.

I was very sore and even had a huge headache by the evening that Eric stayed home from his church duties to help me with the two youngest so I could get some rest. That was a nice gift in and of it’s self.

Thank you Everyone for the notes and calls. I appreciate you all.


danandcami said...

Hey Elizabeth! I am sorry for your pain. I have been there many a times. I have a blog also. I am not as good as you at blogging though!

Jamie said...

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!!! You should have said something on Monday and we could havew planned something or at the very least I could have wished you Happy Birthday!

Jen Sue Wild said...

Excirsise painis are good.. I have been slacking these last 2 weeks and I am dreadding starting over. But like you said we are not getting any younger. Sigh..

I am Glad you had a happy birthday my sweet friend No sleepover and your Daddys famous pancakes this year? LOL I guess we are not 14 again.