Tuesday, October 7, 2008

If I make this public, maybe I will work harder.

Did that catch your attention? I have mentioned it before and I will mention it again. I LOVE sparkpeople.com. Since I want to get back to my goal weight (I was almost there last May) I am working really hard to be healthy. I even joined a Biggest Looser challenge that starts today and this is the blog I posted. (It was a bad first day of a challange)


Today I was to go work out with my friends. It isn't an easy work out. It is a lot like a boot camp and I love how many calories I burn. However, I may have busted a bone in my foot. It hurts so bad.

The two really stinky things are:
1. I have no insurance so I can't get it checked out.
2. My body is going to turn to mush.

I really need this work out twice a week. The exercise I did get today was lugging around my 22 lb baby, walking up and down the stairs and doing laundry. At least I wasn't sitting around.


I will continue to post my progress here so I can have your encouragement. Thanks!