Thursday, October 9, 2008

Stock pot and more

Today I decided to break in my WONDERFUL new stock pot that Bonnie gave me for my birthday. I had a craving for homemade Chicken and Dumplings. Being from the south I really wanted some southern comfort food. So I searched the internet for the perfect recipe since I have never made this from scratch. I found this Paula Dean recipe and knew it would be wonderful. (Kathy, sorry please don’t tell Mike)

My sons and I ran to Wal-Mart to get the ingredients that we didn’t have, including a whole chicken so I could get started. It was more fun then you could ever understand to fit a whole chicken in a pot with a bunch of other ingredients. It tasted so good. Here I am trying to loose weight and I run out after working out to make southern comfort food.

Speaking of getting fit. I am been doing fairly well in eating right. Adding more fruits and vegetables to my diet except for my weakness for ice cream. I ran out last night get to get a cheap Sunday and scarf it down. Boy did it hit the spot. Of course I pretty much jumped into bed so it went straight to my thighs again. My work out instructor lived up to her drill sergent reputation today. I was having a hard time keeping up in the warm up. Andrew came with me to watch and he came home and told his brothers how hard it all looked. I love it. I don’t have much coordination though so I don’t really try on some steps.


danandcami said...

Hey Elizabeth! I am really liking sparkpeople also. I haven't been nearly as successful as you have though. I need to kick it into gear!

Mieke said...

Why does fattening food taste so much better??? It sounds like it was a fantastic dinner. Maybe after I shed a couple of pounds, I'll make it myself :)

Anonymous said...

gosh... all that naughty food just seems to taste better!!!!

that is a problem.
a big fat problem. :)

i am following you now! :) feel free to come follow me!!!