Sunday, November 4, 2007

I am a MEAN women

If you know I am a Dork, read on. If you think I am Wonderful and can do no wrong, please leave now skip this and keep your slightly of opinion of me. If you need a little smile, read on and think of your friend the Dork.

Yesterday I went to work and my wonderful friend Heather saved me a seat. I sat down logged in and began my day. The calls kept on coming, but Heather and I continued to pass notes to each other to keep each other smiling. It reminds me of Junior High the way we write stuff to make the other smile. Then the meanie left me alone to take her lunch, as if she needed food to survive. Almost the minute she left another associate sat down on the opposite side of me. He seems like a nice gentleman, however he had a bit of a Body Oder problem. Or maybe he didn't have a B/O problem and I am just super sensitive. With my senses so high right now I gagged. I truly didn't mean to be rude, however I turned my back on him to help me not smell him. It wasn't enough. I pulled out my purell hand sanitizer and began to sniff. Oh that helped, but if he caught me I would hurt his feelings and I did not want to do that plus I was sure to get High sooner or later. Shortly after Heather came back I got sick and asked a manager if I could move. My computer had froze up on me earlier so I told my friend I felt like it may freeze up again, loud enough that I wanted him to hear. And I left. I moved further down the isle, loaded up that computer and logged off for break. On break I was so sick. I bought a sprite in hopes of belching out all the air. It helped a little. I somehow made it those last two hours.

I came home and the kids asked if I was OK. I guess that means that I looked a little peaked. I drank a ton of water since my skin feels like leather and I can use the restroom here when ever I want with out logging off. Then I did what most moms to be do when they have wonderful older children to run the house. I feel asleep and took a relaxing nap.

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Jen Sue Wild said...

Beth your not mean you are normal.. I cant stand smelly people ether.