Tuesday, November 25, 2008

No Excuses

Baby and I were sick there for a while. I am happy to say I am pretty much better. I am sad to say my little man is a little slower to mend.

So along with my new home I want a new body.

I have been working hard to make our house a home. Unloading boxes and putting things where they belong, adding to the give away/goodwill pile. It is a work in progress. I am sad to say I still haven’t come across my Healthy Diva Christmas trade stuff. When I find it, it will be off in the mail.

Baby has been a Wonderful exercise tool. When he needs attention I pick him up and do some bench presses. Yep, he works well being over 23 pounds. I am feeling the burn. He also helps me do crunch thingies. I put him on my legs while bringing both my neck and legs together. It feels like it is helping my stomach. We also do double leg lifts together. He shows off his adorable dimples while I count and make funny faces at him.

I have also been working at eating better again. I don’t know about you, but when I stress out I crave chocolate and other “bad” foods. Awe my homemade pizza. One of the great loves of my life.

Along with baby weights I have been working on cardio. I have to do this. I am feeling so sluggish and sad that I only have 3 skirts and one pair of jeans that fit OK. I hate being this far off track. So here I go yet again. My life has settled and I have no excuse for staying this way.

The thing that really threw me off the ledge of overweight comfort is Family pictures. We hadn’t had any taken for just under 4 years. So when were offered a free 8 x 10 by our insurance agent for Christmas, we jumped at the opportunity. We had done some more moving that day and were only able to find all solid long sleeve shirts (so we don’t match well) and we ran to get our pictures taken. I thought my hair looked OK, boy was I wrong I have frizzy hair and it shows. I have been indoors with baby a lot and I look like Casper the friendly over weight ghost with witches’ hair. Yep I am big, frizzy and white as can be. Still I ordered 5x7’s for my family for Christmas since they all need to see baby.

So now that I made this my Health and anything else I feel blog I have you all to encourage me and listen to my ups, my downs and anything else I feel like blogging about. Thanks You all for your support.


Carrie said...

hello! sure, i will invite ya! your blog is cute, i love the allie brown backgrounds. you might know my sister Lindy, she was in JaNae's class, i guess that would be yours too! :)

Elizabeth said...

Yes I know Lindy. I was in your ward that year. I am sorry to say she and I weren't friends. I was close to Sarah who moved into the ward at the same time our senior years.


i want a new body, too :o
and i am glad you are better and i hope your little one gets well soon!!!!

LacyCat said...

You can have the consolation that you will have fewer chances to get skin cancer with your beautiful, mily white skin, People pay big time bucks to come close to your blond, natural curly, full bodies, beautiful locks of hair.... even though I can feel for you everytime it rains and I try to do any style with mine!!!!!!!!!! Also you will always be younger than me, prettier and I'm sure I have more weight to lose and fewer chances of ever seeing me become muscular and fit. You also have the desire which is rare. Keep up the good work. You alway look beautiful to me.
Love ya!

Allison Evans Brown said...

Hey! Thanks for writing! Is this the blog with the header you're talking about (as your other blog is set to private)?

From what I see, the blog header is fitting fine, just like all the others that I make. Did you want it bigger or were you able to fix it?