Thursday, November 20, 2008

Life is never dull in our house

We did it. We finally moved Saturday November 8. I love our house. I will post pictures soon. I haven’t taken any since Baby B and I have been super sick the whole dang time. Now he has a double ear infection, croup and a super bad cold. To top all that off yesterday he got 4 shots.

Our short time in our new home has been super eventful. For those of you who don’t know on top of our regular jobs we serve in jobs in the church for free. My honey was released from his calling in our old ward only to be called as an HC in our new ward before our first Sunday there.

The boys have been attending scouts in our new ward and having a lot of fun. I love how they are always made to feel welcome no matter where we go. Well they have been working on swimming stuff. So A was trying to find the perfect (light weight) outfit to wear to jump in the pool in. He found a pair of pants and the button was missing. He wanted to dress nice since our family needed to attend the first meeting with E in our church clothes. So E being the sweetie he is found a large belt and was attempting to add an extra belt hole so the belt would better fit A. Yes, he sliced his finger right to the bone. Oh, it was such a mess. This happened right as we were getting ready to run out the door to be on time. Awe the memories I get living with all men. Let me just say it took a long time to stop bleeding. I grabbed some superglue to take with us and we left. So E excused himself to go clean the wound and put some superglue on. Being a man it is a mess. I wish he would have let me help. All the other men were so kind, but did get a nice chuckle out of this.

So when we arrived at the Seminary building (nope we don’t have our own Stake Center yet) there were a lot of trailers and lights. Parking was jammed and it the lights were drawing our attention. My Father in Law said the movie “The Spy Next Door” staring Jackie Chan was filming there. Traffic when we left was worse. Still I was able to get out and drive up the street to the pool to drop off the two oldest for scouts.

When Eric got home it was so fun to hear about his experience. What really made me laugh was that he couldn’t shake hands with the others since his cut was on a knuckle and he was afraid that it would reopen. I love my hubby and all that he does for our little family. We have been so blessed.


Jen Sue Wild said...

Funny funny men.. I cant wait to see pix of your new home..

Mrs. S said...

Oh babe, I hope you feel better soon! It's no fun to be sick or to have a sick baby and here you are dealing with both.
If you call your son Tank, I bet he's a lot like my Moose. Big boy? They're the best though.