Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Rails are UP!!!

I know most of you are thinking "What are you talking about?" Well since last July my mattress and box springs have been sitting on the floor. My good friend Anna gave us some rails when we left her super bowel party a few weeks back. They sat in our garage until today. I am mostly stuck in my room, on my bed reading or watching TV. I was going insane watching TV and having to look up so far to see it on top on the chest of drawers where it sits. So I begged my exhausted, wonderful hubby to please bring in the rails. He did and now my bed is sort of tall again.

Today I am 27 weeks along and showing very much. I hope getting out of bed will not hurt so bad. It was fun maneuvering out of bed all the time. I won't bore you with the details.

I saved all of my energy to attend my Buddy Heathers farewell luncheon at Dions today. It was nice being out of the house, but I felt like crap and looked forward to coming home. Heather is moving about 5 hours away from me. She is my ornery friend and I am going to miss grumping to her very much.

I came home feeling worse then when I left. Eric said yesterday he thinks I may be relapsing into the pneumonia, he may be right. Heather came over later to get a few boxes I had for her and I grabbed her in a hug. I am going to miss that brat. My baby must be mad at her too. He kicked her a great hard kick. I was so proud. She jumped back and was amazed. She has three boys of her own, but had never felt such a strong kick from the out side.

Yesterday my wonderful friend Bonnie came over and we worked on my Baby shower invitations. I am so looking forward to celebrating the birth of this baby and Bonnie has such wonderful ideas. The funny thing is she wanted to make the invites by hand and I have way too many people on my list to invite. So she is making the invites for close family and friends by hand. We labeled others that I already had to send off to other amazing women and then those with email will get an evite, even some close friends will get an evite. We just didn't have enough invitations. I had a wonderful time working with her on this.

I need my men to be around when I have to get cute to take pictures for you all to see the Bump.

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