Monday, February 4, 2008

Hello Everyone

Yesterday turned out fun. I was super sleepy in the morining and ended up missing church. I rested and slept the whole time my family was gone. Then I rested more when they came home.

Some of you have asked what is wrong so for those who don't know let me tell you. I haven't been pregnant for 7 years. I am in my mid thirties and my body is freeking out. I have really bad nausea, upset ligaments, head aches and I am super tired. Overall I really am doing quite well. It could be worse and I know I am blessed. I have met some women worse off and I am happy I have only the few problems I do. I found an anti nausea pill that works, but I am working with the insurance to get it covered. So far no luck.

So after resting all day our family went to a good friends to watch the super bowel. Ok so I didn't watch much if any. But how can I complain about Great Friends and Super Good Food. I tell you I have friends that need to open their own cafe. I laughed a ton and enjoyed being out of the house. Then they sent me home with some of their wonderful enchaladas. Everytime we are together and Anna cooks I learn more how to cook great Mexican food.

Today I had a burst of speed after sleeping most of the night. I think everyone who knows what a hard time I have had sleeping this last week had prayed for me to sleep. Oh the rest was goooood. So being a dork and feeling the need to contribute more to my home I did the dishes and began some laundry. Then I got ready for the day so I could help out at my Allied job. Boy did I pay. I had to sit down and rest agian. For a few hours. Then I finally went to work and I was so slow and wornout. I ran home when I was done and did what? REST...

My family is so wonderful. They are such a blessing and so good to me. Thank you ALL for caring about me.

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Jen Sue Wild said...

You are so right Beth being PG when you are 30 is much harder than in your 20's.
I hope you feel better soon.