Monday, June 9, 2008

Cute Pictures

Well I know I have posted too many times today, but I just have to share a cute picture or two. Sorry about the red eyes. Didn't want to take the time to fix them today.

In this pic he is crying.


Sarah & Tom said...

Elizabeth! He is so adorable! He looks just like and Erickson!

LacyCat said...

I've been waiting for pictures!!!! yeah! He's beautiful! I can't wait to see him. I wanted to see heather's baby at enrichment last thursday but I caught phemonia in Katrina's freezing apartment! Have to get well before her baby comes. Sooner I think than later
See you hopefully soon!

Jen Sue Wild said...

Beth He is just so yummy sweet. He makes my heart feel happy just looking at him!!

Email me your address and I will send you some mail. Just for you!!!!

kjera said...

he is sooooo darling!!