Thursday, June 26, 2008

Creativity Bug

I have been with all my men all summer so that now I been hit with the creativity bug. With wanting to do more girlie things. So I pulled out my sewing machine and let her rip. Last night I made a bag. It isn't as big as I would hope. It's more of a scripture bag. Here is a picture.

I have also been working on a secret project for my friend Jennifer. We met on the first day of 7th grade and have been friends ever since. She is a sewing goddess with her 7 living children. I figured if she has time to sew so do I. I have been working on something special for her to have from me, Beth her 7th grade locker partner. What I am making her is super cute I have even thought of keeping it, but I made it with her in mind so I know it has to be hers. However, some of the pattern instructions weren't clear and I messed up. It still works, it just looks like a child made it in some spots. So I have taken time off from my little "secret project for Jen."


JaNae said...

My goodness, you are quite the little crafter! I'm impressed, the bag is darling! Love the colors too!

Jen Sue Wild said...

I love what you have created Beth Whooo.
I love the fabrics you chose for this bag they are so fun and stylen!!

I can hardly wait to see what you are making for me..
Love ya girl.

kjera said...

How did you make that. That bag is awesome!!!!