Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Another night in the hospital

I have been contracting for over 5 weeks. I am not talking little contractions all the time. I have little ones all day and then they will get so hard I can't walk, talk or do anything. That is when I call the doctor. Yesterday I was told to go in the hospital again and so I did. I was having really hard contractions and they were 3 mins apart, AGAIN. So they checked me and yet again no change. I begged "Please just induce me. I hate coming in just to go home again." Nothing.

Here is the kicker. I never saw or talked to a doctor, just the annoying nurse Patricia. At 10:30 at night my doctor walks in. He isn't even the doctor on call. He asked how long I had been there and I told him at least 3 hours and he said no one told him I was there. He just happened to see the board with my name and room number on it. UGH. We talked and he told me why I should wait until Thursday as we planned and I came home, yet again.

I just have to say I have the best friends and family to look after my boys.

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