Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Another Suprise for Me tonight!!!

About two weeks ago I went to get the mail and in mine I found a card from a dear friend and assumed it was another baby shower invitation. I am blessed to attend many of them. When I opened the card I was surprised to read that I was invited to my own Birthday party. Boy did I laugh. It was so cute and such a surprise. Now my Birthday is not until Sunday, however two of my friends had to wait over a week to celebrate their birthdays with me. Yep. It is for three amazing ladies who all have our birthdays in the second half of September...

Tonight is the night. I am getting as cute as I can after a long day at work to go party with the Fondue Club. We use to get together for fondue and a movie once a month while the kiddies were at school. Now two of us have day jobs and the fondue club is gone for now. Tonight we are getting together in the evening to party. I am so EXCITED!!!

I will add pictures when I have time.

It was Wonderful and very much needed time with some AMAZING friends!!!

Here is our great dinner:

Jewell and Kristi

Birthday Girls Blowing out our Candle


Jen Sue Wild said...

Oh I hope you have a blast Beth.
Party like a rock star!

Lizabeth said...

It was so much fun. One gal missed her own party since she was sick. We all missed her and went to take her dinner and visit for a little while. Boy do I miss the time that the 5 of us were able to spend together. Last night was a Blast, however I have become an old women and was missing my bed by 10 pm. I was the first to leave:(