Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Exciting 5 day Week End

The boys have had a five day weekend starting last Friday and it has been full of excitement. Friday Eric and I went on a date with our good friends. It started a little late as Eric was busy with work, but that is nothing new. It is always nice to come home and find that my boys haven't hurt each other. Andrew however was having a bad Asthma attack when we walked in the door. We helped him through it and he was able to go to bed and get some rest.
Saturday I had the opportunity to spend time with my buddy Kristi. During our whole visit I had to sit down as I was having contractions. Every time I stood up they got worse. Kristi being the sweetheart that she is timed them and found them to be about 15 minutes apart. Later Saturday night I had been timing them and they were up to 10 minutes apart. I finally called the doctor and he asked me to go to the hospital and get monitored. Thank Heavens I didn't dilate so they were able to give me a shot to stop the contractions. I am not due for about 5 weeks.

Yesterday (Monday) the boys were at a friends house playing and Andrew broke his pinkie.

If you look closely at the bottom of the pinkie where it joins the hand you will see a clear diagonal break just above the growth plate (which we adults don't have.) It is between the pinkie and the ring finger. It may even stunt the growth of that pinkie.

He was riding a scooter with a friend and was turning ,the front wheel got caught in the grove of the sidewalk and threw him. I guess he landed a bit on his knees and face, but with this hand behind him and the pinkie going in the opposite direction. Andrew doesn't remember so this is what Christian said. I got a phone call from Christian saying Andrew was hurt real bad and I took off with his insurance card. There was hardly any bruising. And being Andrew he didn't even cry so most of us didn't think he broke it. I just wanted to be sure if he broke it or not and knowing Andrew I was.

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